For more than two decades Steven Donziger has taken on one of the largest and most important fights for corporate accountability in history on behalf of indigenous and rainforest communities. His ability to stare down one of the most vicious corporate attacks in history is nothing short of astounding and serves as an inspiration to untold numbers of people around the world.
— Paul Paz, Associate Director, Amazon Watch
Steven has opened our eyes to new ways of thinking about transnational and cross-cultural collaboration to achieve social justice. We never before understood just how much the law could be leveraged on behalf of the powerless instead of just the powerful.
— Luis Yanza, Ecuadorian community leader and the recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize

Areas of Advocacy

Environmental Litigation

The Donziger Team has helped lead one of the most successful corporate accountability legal cases in history, resulting in a landmark $9.5 billion environmental judgment against Chevron for causing massive pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

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Criminal Justice

The Donziger Team has been a longtime advocate for criminal justice reform. Steven has edited the critically-lauded book The Real War On Crime and his work has been featured in The New Yorker and other publications.

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Fighting Corporate Retaliation

The Donziger Team advises clients on how to neutralize legal and media-based attacks by powerful corporations that are intended to undermine advocacy and silence critics.

Public Speaking

Steven frequently speaks about cutting edge legal issues, the intersection of law and popular culture, new models of litigation finance, and his personal experience leading the historic Ecuador environmental case against Chevron. He has lectured at many leading universities.


Financing Strategies

The Donziger Team raises private capital to support social justice litigation and environmental advocacy campaigns. The Donziger Team is an authority on new models of financing for human rights victims, lawyers and advocates.


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