Environmental Litigation

Environmental Litigation

Steven has helped lead one of the most successful corporate accountability legal cases in history, resulting in a landmark $9.5 billion environmental judgment against Chevron for causing massive pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Steven explains the history of the case and his involvement.

In Landmark Decision, Courts Find Chevron Guilty of Massive Toxic Dumping in Ecuador

New York Times: Ecuador Judge Orders Chevron to Pay $9 billion

CARACAS, Venezuela — A judge in a tiny courtroom in the Ecuadorean Amazon ruled Monday that the oil giant Chevron was responsible for polluting remote tracts of Ecuadorean jungle and ordered the company to pay more than $9 billion in damages, one of the largest environmental awards ever.

Chevron Files SLAPP-style Retaliation Case to Silence Company Critics

An Ecuadorian appeals court recently affirmed a trial court judgment finding Chevron guilty of massive environmental contamination stemming from its Ecuador operations from 1964-1992. The Ecuador trial court generated a voluminous evidentiary record documenting Chevron’s environmental crimes, fraud, and other wrongdoing.

Ecuador Supreme Court Unanimously Affirms Judgment Against Chevron

Ecuador’s Supreme Court, in a detailed 222-page opinion, unanimously affirms the trial court judgment against Chevron.  The Court’s decision meticulously documents the impacts of Chevron’s decision to deliberately dump toxic oil waste into the rainforest, decimating indigenous communities.


Chevron Files Illegal Retaliation Case to Silence Steven

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Appellate Brief of Ecuadorian Villagers

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Amicus Brief of International Law Professors

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Amicus Brief of Republic of Ecuador

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Amicus Brief of Civil Society Organizations

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The case against Chevron proceeds in Canada

The Globe and Mail: Ecuadorians Can Sue Chevron In Canada, Supreme Court Rules

Ecuadorean villagers can sue Chevron and its Canadian subsidiary in an Ontario court to enforce a $9.5-billion (U.S.) judgment from Ecuador, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday.

The ruling has major implications for Canadian multinational companies whose business activities raise environmental or human-rights concerns around the globe. The ruling weakens the so-called “corporate veil” that has shielded subsidiaries from responsibility for the actions of their corporate parents.

Canada Supreme Court Deals Major Blow to Chevron by Allowing Enforcement Action to Proceed

Canada’s Supreme Court has ruled unanimously in favor of Ecuadorian indigenous and farmer communities in their attempt to seize Chevron assets to force the company to comply with the rule of law and pay the Ecuador environmental judgment. The decision upholds longstanding principles of international comity and human rights law and likely will lead to an enforcement trial against Chevron in the city of Toronto.


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There are several ways to help contribute to the restoration of the environment of the affected communities in Ecuador’s Amazon region.





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